A standard is to be considered as a so-called collective copyright work. The copyright to such a work originally always belongs to the natural persons, the authors, who created the work, i.e. the representatives who participate in a technical committee or working group that prepared the standard.

For the Swedish Institute for Standards to produce and making standards available to the public and to pay for these standards, representatives who participate in the standardisation work of a technical committee must, free of charge, grant SIS the right to exclusively and permanently utilise the so-called financial rights to the copyright, i.e. the standard.Therefore, these representatives who will attend and work in a technical committee will be required to transfer free, exclusive and permanent copyright to SIS.

By representatives in a technical committee or working group transferring their copyright to the standard to SIS. SIS will have an exclusive and permanent financial right to comply with the Swedish Standard (including standards transmitted to SIS by CEN and ISO) and proposed standards according to that set out in our Terms and Conditions. For further information about copyright, please contact SIS, phone +46 8 - 555 523 00.