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At Stockholm+50, the Swedish and Kenyan standardization bodies – SIS and KEBS – joined forces with ISO to deliver an important message: Standards are essential to solving the environmental crisis.

That’s because standards bring together environmental experts from around the world in an inclusive process that takes diverse interests into account – key factors that ensure consensus, quality, and global relevance.

Standards enable organizations worldwide to actively address serious environmental threats like clean water, pollution prevention and energy efficiency.

Together, we’re continuously revising our standards to keep them at the cutting edge. But we’re also developing new ones to meet a wide range of challenges in areas from protecting biodiversity to eliminating food waste, kickstarting the circular economy to recycling of plastics, and many more.


“Standards at National and International level play a key role in defining acceptable levels of environment protection.  We (KEBS, SIS and ISO) are committed through standards to reverse the negative impact to the environment in line with SDG 13, 14 and 15 to combat environmental degradation and climate change and its impact.”

Annika Andreasen.png
Annika Andreasen, CEO
The Swedish Institute for Standards, SIS

Bernard Njiraini.png
Bernard Njiraini, CEO
The Kenyan Bureau of Standards, KEBS

Sergio Mujica .png
Sergio Mujica, SG
The International Organization for Standardization, ISO

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Stockholm+50 is an international meeting convened by the United Nations General Assembly that was held in Stockholm, Sweden 2-3 June 2022.

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