We act on our own advice

Every single day, we act on our own advice at SIS. Our day-to-day efforts to create a sustainable society are an obvious choice for us. We also want to achieve the same positive environment, quality, and health and safety effects as our customers and members enjoy when they use SIS and ISO’s management system products.

These positive effects include refining business operations, improving profitability, increasing market share, hitting business targets, safeguarding information and motivating employees. To prove our credentials beyond a shadow of a doubt, we have also obtained quality, environment, and occupational health and safety certification for SIS.

SIS’s management systems are certified compliant with the requirements of: 

 Our certification has been issued by Kiwa.


SIS’s social responsibility work

Social responsibility is often referred to as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). SR (Social Responsibility) is the term that is used by SIS and the international ISO standard-setting body. 

The SS-ISO 26000 global standard is the cornerstone of our SR work. We prioritise three areas in our SR work: travel policy/travel rules, code of conduct (which includes respect for local cultures) and sustainable events. Although the ISO 26000 standard is intended for guidance rather than certification, we are linking this work to our SIS management systems.

We act on our own advice!

Our certificate